Oct 7, 2009

How To Make Lantern(Akash Kandil)

Happy Diwali T
o All......!!

Diwali is held in October and is an Indian celebration. It is also called the Festival of Lights. It is celebrated by displaying lights and worshiping the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

How to Prepare A Diwali


Type :1


  • Fold the rectangular colored paper sheet into half along its longest sides.

  • Make parallel cuts of 1 cm on the folded sheet at a distance of about 0.4cm as shown, leaving a margin of 1 inch from the top.
  • These measurements can vary - There is no hard and fast rule for measurements. They should all be in proportion though.
  • Now roll the Card paper into cylindrical shape widthwise, not lengthwise. Glue both the ends of this sheet such that an electric bulb and holder will fit into it.

  • Now unfold and paste the margins along the upper and the lower edges of the cylinder as shown in the figure. Glue the top row to the cylinder top and the bottom row to the cylinder bottom, such that the strips and the gaps between them swell outward.

  • For more decoration, cut a sheet of thin colored paper 19cm x 19cm, as shown, leaving a margin of 1cm. Glue the wrapping paper's inch-thick row around the bottom of the cardpaper cylinder (on the inside), so that the tassles hang down out of the cylinder. Now place the bulb holder with a bulb and hang it through the inner cylinder of the lantern. Make arrangements so that the Lantern and the bulb holder stay in place.

Type : 2

You will need:

Paper, construction paper, card stock, thin Styrofoam (reuse those meat trays!), or stiff plastic
Tape (colored or clear)
Scissors or craft knife
optional: ribbons for streamers; cord for hanging

  • The pattern is designed to make a softball sized lantern from a sheet of A4 paper, so if you can print onto your paper of choice that’s easiest. Otherwise trace the pattern onto your lantern material.
  • Cut out the shapes. If you wish, you can cut a decorative shape from the center of the square pieces and back it with colored plastic
  • Arrange the shapes by matching the letters on each side. C matches to C, e to e, 6 to 6, etc. This forms a surprisingly un-lanternlike shape. Do not panic; it will all come together.
  • Tape the pieces together one at a time. Do not overlap - keep the pieces barely touching (if your material is thick, add a gap to allow the seam to fold later). Do your best to center the tape over the seam.
  • After taping the pieces together flat, crease the seams. This makes sharp edges when the lantern is finished.
  • Now match and tape the remaining letters and short edges of the rectangles to form the three dimensional shape of the lantern.
  • If desired, finish with streamers and sew a cord across the top for hanging.
  • Notes:
    To make a different size lantern, cut 4 squares, 8 equilateral triangles, & 8 rectangles. The sides of the squares, triangles and long edge of the rectangles will all be the same length.


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